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OpenWrt APRS4R installation

installation via shell script

To install the APRS4R software via script, you have to download the installation script from the APRS4R website and execute the script on your router. Please execute following commands on the shell prompt of your router.

  • download installation script

root@OpenWrt:/# cd /tmp
root@OpenWrt:~# wget
  • start installation
root@OpenWrt:~# sh

manual installation

This section describes the manual installation of the APRS4R software on an OpenWrt router. This guide is focused on the OpenWrt release Kamikaze 07.09 (October 2007), the older Whiterussian release is not supported any more.

  • install additional kernel modules

To use USB-serial-adapters to connect your TNC or weather station, please run following commands on the routers console.

root@OpenWrt:/# ipkg update
root@OpenWrt:/# ipkg install kmod-usb-serial-pl2303 kmod-usb-serial-ftdi kmod-usb-serial-belkin
  • install Ruby packages

A working Ruby run time system is required to run the APRS4R software, please run following commands.

root@OpenWrt:/# ipkg install ruby ruby-core ruby-yaml ruby-cgi

  • setup APRS4R packet repository

To install the APRS4R software, at first the setup of a additional packet repository is mandatory. Please append following line to your /etc/ipkg.conf.

src aprs4r

Please run

root@OpenWrt:/# ipkg update

to update packet management information.

  • install APRS4R packets

The APRS4R software is splitted into three packets. The packet aprs4r contains the core APRS4R software, whereas the packet aprs4r-web represents the web interface. The packet aprs4web provides a browser based visualisation of your local APRS traffic.

To install all packages, please run following command.

root@OpenWrt:/# ipkg install aprs4r aprs4r-web aprs4web