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If you have a problem with your APRS4R setup or you have a question related to APRS4R, please use the bulletin board or the aprs4r user mailing list. If you want to report an error, please use the trouble ticket system.

APRS4R Errata

For following APRS4R versions an errata list exists:

APRS Bulletin Board

The APRS Bulletin Board is not only related to APRS4R, but a lot of APRS4R users are active in this board.

APRS4R Mailing List

There is an aprs4r user mailing list available, after subscription, you can send your message in english or german.

APRS4R Trouble Ticket System

Before reporting an error, please use the trouble ticket system? to look for similiar errors. New errors can be reported by opening a new ticket?.