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The software is very modular and consists of several core components to which you can add interfaces and modules. Specific interfaces are set up to control the radio and/or the Internet ports and then specific modules are used to define the properties of the different functions that you may wish to include as part of your APRS station (beacons, Gateway properties, digipeater preferences).

APRS4R contains a web interface that enables the user to set all of these paramenters without having to write lines of code.


First of all you must configure the interfaces to connect to RF and/or Internet. There are separate sockets for each of these functions. The Internet connection is made via existing APRS internet servers. The Rf connection is made via a TNC and normal FM transceiver. At the moment APRS4R only supports the KISS TNC communications protocol, but if you have a TNC that requires a different protocol (SMACK, 6pack), please notify the development team and they will try to include it in the next release.

Further information on configuring interfaces can be found by looking at their specific pages in this wiki.

Interface Description Status Documentation
AX25Socket AX25/KISS-Connection Functional AX25Socket
ISSocket APRS-IS-Connection Functional ISSocket


The modules control APRS4R's functionality and they are grouped together in the web interface to provide easier navigation. All modules run totally independently of each other so adding/removing/altering a module will not influence any existing settings.

The following table provides an overview of all current modules:

Module Description Status Documentation
BeaconPlugin Any Beacon Functional BeaconPlugin
ProportionalBeaconPlugin Variable path Beacon Functional ProportionalBeaconPlugin
StatusBeaconPlugin Status beacon Functional StatusBeaconPlugin
GatewayPlugin IGATE function Functional GatewayPlugin
DigipeaterPlugin Digipeater (NEWn-N) Functional DigipeaterPlugin
MessagePlugin APRS-Messages Functional MessagePlugin
QueryPlugin APRS-Queries Work in progress QueryPlugin
WMRWeatherPlugin Connection to WME928NX Functional WMRWeatherPlugin
WS2300WeatherPlugin Connection to WS2300 Work in progress WS2300WeatherPlugin
StatusPlugin Basic module Status Functional StatusPlugin
ISServerPlugin local APRS-Server Functional ISServerPlugin
XMLDataPlugin XML-Export Functional XMLDataPlugin
LogPlugin Data Export Functional LogPlugin?
LCD4LinuxPlugin LCD control Functional LCD4LinuxPlugin
UDPServerPlugin UDP port Work in progress UDPServerPlugin?
SysopPlugin remote control Work in progress SysopPlugin
NMEAPlugin GPS control Work in progress NMEAPlugin?

Web Interface