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The APRS4R documentation is divided into the following parts:

The following APRS features are supported by the current APRS4R software release:

APRS core features

  • KISS support (see TNC-Overview)
  • APRS-IS support (to communicate with the APRS-IS servers)
  • Flexible APRS-Beaconing on HF and IS (with different time schedules)
  • IGATE-Support with APRS message support
  • WIDE1-1/WIDEn-n support
    • NEWn-N support
    • Active path reduction
    • RFONLY extension

Other features

  • Weather station support (WMR 928 NX)
  • Local APRS server (for UI-View, Radio Mobile, ...)
  • XML data export
  • Watchdog
  • Web interface


If you have another feature request, please use the wish list or the APRS4R TTS?.