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Following people have spend time or other ressources to this project.

If you want to see yourself on this list, please help us with contributing code, writing document, testing software or support us with hardware or make a donation via PayPal.


  • Michael Conrad, DO5MC
  • Oliver Raabe, DL1LJ


  • Michael Conrad, DO5MC
  • Andreas Bier, DL1HRC
  • Rolf Tschumi, HB9SDB


  • Oliver Raabe, DL1LJ
  • Herbert Graessle, DO3NSW
  • Andreas Bier, DL1HRC
  • Jürgen Mayer, DL8MA
  • Chris Kantarjiev, K6DBG
  • Rolf Tschumi, HB9SDB
  • Thomas Clos, DD1WT
  • Mike Zwingl, OE3MZC
  • Manfred Kühn, DL2GKM


  • Rolf Behnke, Intermar - DF0UK test site: ASUS-Router, TM-D700, X200, WMR 928
  • Rolf Tschumi, HB9SDB, Paypal
  • Steve Bunting, M0BPQ, Paypal
  • SCS GmbH, SCS-Tracker
  • Manfred Kühn, DL2GKM, Paypal
  • Reto, HB9TPX and Remo, HB9TPR, ALIX.3D3 Embedded PC
  • Jörg Geiger, DL1SEL, Paypal


If you want to support this non profit open source project, you can send us an item from the hardware wishlist or make a donation via PayPal. If the donator agree, the name be published on this page.

Thanks for your donation !

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